Hot rolls cake

Hot rolls have long been considered the favorite dish very familiar of the people here. Those who enjoy rustic dishes that are not from the idyllic impressive, rising appetite when it comes to it. It truly is a delicious dish featured in Da Nang.

Sure enough, there is nothing interesting in enjoying even been a piece of cake on a hot, white, dai dai is rolled adhered's fleshy fleshy meat and wood ear mushrooms. Speaking more casual because from this ancient book cake as a gift is considered rural by it are not too fussy but very gentle with bold homeland. You can use this Roll cake at any time of the day. 

In the city of Da Nang beach has a lot of famous pancake restaurant is spread out. Fillings are more meat, wood ear mushrooms and the chopped more. Fillings 
were roasted before spreads on hot rolls. Human remains are characteristic sweetness, black mushrooms and crunchy blend with the aroma of mushrooms. Staff were sprayed onto the newly coated crust is finished and rolled smoke spiraling up while enjoying lailam who are seeing firsthand not want to eat right out of style by just doing that again enjoy immediately. 
People do apply a little grease astronauts on the outside for cake balls and then put in the disc. Then add a few onions point non-yellow fragrant, mingled a little procession of white shrimp pink looks very nice but the food taste sensation characteristic of coastal countryside. If simplicity is only that, he could not have really nothing to say, to be uttered and every morning to everyone as pie plate before going to work. 

It's the most special is the main dish of hot rolls in water dipping bread sauce. Sauce bowl brewed bold enough sour - spicy - salty - sweet - can eat and drank it. Sauce bread is also made ​​from the stuff available is fish sauce, sugar, vinegar bar. 
This really is 1 delicacies that when you come  to Da Nang tourism should look to be enjoying themselves and feel!

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Admin information message to you some delicious pancake shop in Danang City:

Name of shop 
- shop hot rolls - 78 Le India; 596 Dien Bien Phu 
Nam Dinh Quan hot rolls -596 Dien Bien Phu 
Tien Hung 
- Gone Hot Bread Shop 
190 Tran Phu 
183 Le Duan Street



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