My Hoanh Thanh

My Hoanh Thanh is yet another noodle dish that is a very common meal for locals in Danang and all other cities and towns around Vietnam. it is basically a noodle soup served with pork wonton, some vegetables and chilli are also served with this dish.

My Hoanh Thanh or WonTon Noodle Soup is found in lots of restaurants around the city. The photo above was taken at Noodle Street which is a long running late night noodle venue. Noodle street is a good spot to go after a night out as they are open late and specifically cater to the young late night crowd.

The restaurants at noodle street serve a wide variety of dishes includes Chicken rice, My Quang, and various rice dishes. The area known as noodle street is on Pham Hong Thai Street between Phan Chu Trinh and Nguyen Chi Thanh streets.

Noodle Street Danang
Pham Hong Thai Street
Open 5pm to 1am