Linh Ung pagoda


Hotel Da Nang near My Khe beach said the Linh Ung pagoda is situated on the Son Tra Peninsula, and it is one of Da Nang’s most-visited attractions.

It is located on a turtle-shaped hill overlooking the sea, and behind it lies an immense primitive forest which is home to many kinds of plants and animals.

The construction of this pagoda has marked the significant development of Vietnamese Buddhism in the 21st century.  The pagoda is a special place linking Heaven and Earth.

Hotel Da Nang near Pham Van Dong beach said close to the pagoda, Buddha Beach is a most beautiful spot on the Son Tra Peninsula, and a must-see for lovers of ecology.  According to legend, in the time of Emperor Minh Mang, local fishermen discovered a statue of the Goddess of Mercy on the beach, and a temple dedicated to the goddess was built on the site.  Since then, local residents have enjoyed peaceful and prosperous lives, and the area is known as But (Buddha) Beach.

Chua Linh Ung

During the anti-American war, the Buddha statue and temple were almost totally destroyed.  The construction of the pagoda started in 2004 and was completed 6 years later.

Visitors are advised to spend some time admiring the 18 statues of Arhat, with all of the expressions of joy, anger, love and hate, because they are great pieces carved meticulously by skilful artisans.

They will also be deeply impressed by the Goddess of Mercy statue itself.  At 67m, it is the tallest in Viet Nam and its height is equal to that of a 30-storey building.  Inside this statue, there are 17 floors, each housing 21 tiny Buddha statues with different shapes and facial expressions.

Local people say that the Goddess of Mercy statue, which faces the sea, takes care of local fishermen and gives them the strength to deal with storms and high waves.

You don’t have to be a Buddhist or religious to be interested.  You can just come to the pagoda to find some spiritual therapy for yourself and some strength to deal with the burdens of your soul.