Google Translate

You might be able to get by using English at popular restaurants, cafes, and hotels in Da Nang, as many young workers have started to pick up second languages, particularly English. However, if you’re planning on taking taxis, shopping at the local market, or asking for directions, it’s a wise idea to have a dictionary or translator with you. Google Translate is great for words and simple phrases to get your message across, so you can communicate easier with the people of Vietnam.


Since you’re in a new country, why not pick up a few words of Vietnamese while you’re here. There are many great Vietnamese language apps, but you can use Memrise to join community groups and practice your Vietnamese vocabulary. There are a range of courses available from beginner to advanced. And remember, Vietnamese love to chat with foreigners trying to use their language, so don’t be shy.

Here are some words to help start your language learning in Vietnam:

-          Xin chào – pronounced “seen chao” means Hello

-          Cảm ơn – pronounced “cum earn” means Thank you

-          không có gì – pronounced “kong core zee” means Your welcome

-          Bạn tên gì? – pronounced “ban tend zee” means What’s your name?

-          Tôi tên là… - pronounced “toy tend lah” means My name is…

XE Currency

Having a currency calculator in your pocket is a must-have app when travelling and shopping in Vietnam. With the latest exchange rates, you can quickly know how much taxi rates, gifts, and other purchases cost in your home country’s currency. XE Currency is reputable for providing up-to-date exchange rates.


Ride sharing has steadily increased in popularity throughout Southeast Asia, and Viet Nam has quickly adopted these services to major cities. Both Uber and Grab are available in Danang and Hoi An. With these apps you can simply book a taxi or private driver for pickup at your hotel in Danang and pay using your credit card stored on your profile or by cash.


Do you love to eat new cuisine while travelling? Then Foody is a must-have app for travelling in Vietnam. This unique app was built in Vietnam by Vietnamese for the purpose of sharing restaurant, café, and street food recommendations.

It has become extremely popular over the years and is a great resource for finding the best restaurants in Danang. The app even includes an English language option, so you can easily navigate the app menus and restaurant profiles.


TripAdvisor remains an essential tool for finding reviews and recommendations on cafes, restaurants, tours, activities, and hotels in Da Nang. Join the community to ask questions and get answers from fellow travelers and local experts. TripAdvisor can help you to find the best hotel in Da Nang. Once you’ve experienced something new, leave a review and help other travelers find the best travel tips for Danang.

Danang Fantasticity

Looking for a travel guide to Da Nang? You can download the city’s official travel app, Danang Fantasticity, on your Android or iOS devices. This travel guide to Da Nang presents the city’s latest information in English, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Korean languages.

Using its simple setup, you can personalize an itinerary for yourself in just minutes and save the information offline to access when away from a wi-fi hotspot. The app also features the latest events and promotions happening around the city.


Stay connected with friends back home using a VoIP and messenger apps like Skype and Google Hangouts. If you’re interested in connecting with Vietnamese, the most popular messaging and voice apps are Viber and WhatsApp followed by Skype.

Part of the joys of travelling is meeting and connecting with new people and cultures, don’t miss your chance to continue to grow these connections after you return home. Simply sign up for one of these apps and share your contact details to create lasting connections with the people you meet in Viet Nam.

Instagram / Facebook / Twitter

Share your stories of travelling in Vietnam with family and friends on your favorite social media platform. And use these tools to connect with new friends you meet in Vietnam. Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform amongst Vietnamese.

However, there is a rising trend among teens and young adults to use Instagram and Facebook. Don’t be shy to join some unique communities and groups on these platforms.

Kindle / Favorite E-reader

Travelling in Vietnam can at times be slow due to weather and road conditions. During these downtimes, take a moment to read a travel guide or a novel about Vietnam. The country has an extensive history and as a result a wide variety of stories written by local and foreign authors. Here is a short list of great reads set in Vietnam:

- The Quiet American by Graham Greene

- The Sorrow of War by Bảo Ninh

-  The Tale of Kieu by Nguyen Du

- Viet Nam: A History from Earliest Times to the Present by Ben Kiernan

- The Vietnam War: An Intimate History by Ken Burns and Geoffrey C Ward

- Vietnamese Stories for Language Learners: Traditional Folktales in Vietnamese and English Text by Tri C. Tran and Tram Le

Sky Map for Android / Star Map

If you’re along the Danang coast at night, be sure to look up; for those travelling far, the night sky will look different. Using Sky Map or any star map app, you can easily spot the stars and constellations that illuminate the tropical night sky.

The best places to view the stars are along the coast and on Son Tra Peninsula, which also gives a fantastic view of the Danang skyline. Note the Son Tra Peninsula roads are quite isolated, so it’s best to arrange transportation to and from any observation points during the day and at night.

Easy Travel in Vietnam

Travelling to Vietnam for the first time can seem daunting, but don’t fear, the country is very welcoming and has a reputation for warm hospitality. These apps for travelling listed above should help to make an already wonderful travel experience to Vietnam even more smooth.