Linh Ung Pagoda

Son Tra Linh Ung Pagoda leaning against the top of Son Tra peninsula is considered the largest pagoda in Danang city in both scale and architectural art.The main Shrine has the large capacity where is the most dignified and tranquil place.

Address: In the upper area of Buddha stream, Son Tra Peninsula, Tho Quang Ward, Son Tra District.

Price: Free

Open time: All day

Visit duration: 01h00

Best time: 05h00

Good for travel: First time visit, Second time visit


Linh Ung pagoda is the largest pagoda of scale and artistic architecture. It is so famous for the huge statue of Lady Buddha – 67m high.

Considered as the largest pagoda by its scale and artistic architecture in Danang city, Linh Ung pagoda with the highest statue of Lady Buddha ( actually Lady Bodhisattva) in Vietnam created a wonderful place where visitors can free their mind by enjoying boundless ocean, beautiful and lively coastal road.

Linh Ung – Bai But pagoda features perfect harmony between the modern and traditional architectures of Vietnamese pagodas, especially in the three-entrance gate, the main chamber and the ancestors’ house.

The local people here believed that the statue of Lady Buddha or Goddess of Mercy not only protect the fisherman but also offering them strength for facing storms and strong waves.

What to explore:

On the way to see Linh Ung pagoda, you will pass a giant 3 doors gate, then you will surprise how spectacular it is.

Just behind the entrance gate, there is a lovely courtyard with different kind of bonsai trees and 18 statues of aghast showing their expression. It is such a good place for your photos

If you want to see more about Buddhism, you can go into the main building of this pagoda, discover many statues of different Buddha, Bodhisattva and arhats and a set of sculptural relief describing about the life of Shakyamuni

By walking to the statue, you may get stunned by the 67m high spectacular statue. Enjoy the view of the ocean, and the coastal stripe of Danang are the wonderful things that you can do here.

Just near the statue, there are steps down to a balcony where you can completely see the wonderful view.

It is more delightful if you can go to this place at night, from 6-8 pm when you can see the endless light stripe from Danang to Hoian and many fishing boats catching seafood.

How to get there:

Because this pagoda is located on a peninsula, so there is no bus stop or train station nearby. The only way to go there are by car, motorbike, bike, taxi.

By car: If you book a car or a taxi, that will be easy, and most of the taxi drivers will know there and take you to the pagoda fast. It’s about 200.000 VND from the Da Nang Airport to Linh Ung pagoda.

By motorbike: In case you want to go to that place by yourself, so just go to My Khe beach on Vo Nguyen Giap street first ( you even see the statue from there) then turn left ( if you turn right, you will go to Hoian), go straight along the beach ( about 8km) and turn right to the mountain side, then you just keep going about 1.5km further, finally you can see the entrance to the pagoda, following 200m windy road to the parking lot, then you can walk to the statue ( for parking there, the fee is up to you, just put money into the donation box )

If you want to ride your bike from Hoi An, so go to the traffic light near An Bang beach first, then turn left, keep riding about 20 km along the beach to see My Khe beach, then follow the way described above.


– Calming atmosphere with stunning views

– Peacefull hilltop setting

– Impressived and relaxing place

– Stuning ocean and moutain view

– Breathtaking view of Danang from the top

Travel tips:

– There are many steps to the gate, so if you don’t want to walk a lot, it is better that you ask the driver to stop at the hilltop parking.

– You need bring good camera and tripod to capture the beautiful sights. Taking panoramic photos here is great idea.

– It is quite hot at the mid day, so you should bring umbrella and water.

– You should take your shoes off at door of the main temple.

– You should see it at night, when it is cooler and the incredible view of all the lights of the city.



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