Nam O fish salad

Nam O salad fish dishes are a specialty known in Danang City, but until today after going Phượt Van village of the hour that I dared to try to eat, the food was not tasty but basically not eating fresh with me slightly apprehensive about the nature of abdominal pain or not, after enjoying it was a memorable experience with fish salad dish.

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You asked if I wanted to eat raw fish or raw fish wet dry, dry, raw fish for beginners food, in crunchy peanuts but less tasty fish salad wet, because when people crunchy peanut butter you will not see the pieces of fish should be easy to eat more. Vi did not know whether you call me with the raw fish dish is always 2 and more dry, no gasps Eaten!

My initial impression was when the bartender brought him fish salad bowl is wet "Eh, what expenses she curry, fish salad here, huh, so it's like fish soup with noodles so eat it?".

So she bartender says: "Probably the first time and then eat, delicious to eat leafy vegetables wrapped themselves only children." I look it seems to horror, watching the fish slices in a bowl which I live, tapering person but you're sure you fight goes, it's tasty, do not eat so that I eat. So I try not to eat risked losing part!

 I know this fish salad made with sardines, fish top, anchovies ... but most delicious herring. Herring is sweet, more protein, eat very fatty meat firm, here are catching fish near shore. When we arrived, the restaurant also reach 9, the restaurant is quite crowded, hostess joked that "We figure there very lucky, she just finished the catch, the fish should not refrigerated is still very fresh.".

Herring after the first cut, cut tail, leaving the bone will be split in half and then bring spices are ginger, galangal, garlic finely chopped. Island Profile 1 plays in fish salad bowl I saw pieces of very fresh fish, that looks like is alive, there is pretty much galangal, ginger, especially peppers. The owner peanut and sesame extra to add to the flavor of the dish. Looking closely, I found that quite intriguing test should only eat once said.

Get a few fish and broth in a small bowl, pick vegetables including mangoes, bananas, green beads, soap Wrenches, leaves ... and roll to roll, roll in rice paper is used in Dai Loc, Quang Nam. Salad is pretty special and diverse. It is the bud of the tree: forest toad, heart orchid, mango leaves, leaf inlays, leaves stop. Some types of leaves growing on the Hai Van Pass only should the seller have to go pick them new attraction created for fish salad! Very fresh raw vegetables, in addition to the child leaves with a little cucumber, mango, banana alive to increase slightly sour taste.

 After rolling and roll those ingredients together I put into the broth of fish salad. I must say that I can not eat spicy, but people said the new spicy expiration salad tasted of fish. So when you do enjoy, depending on the ability to eat spicy food offline!

When I feel fat eating fatty fish, combined with tasty sauces and fresh spices very reassembled. Fruit is very tasty right post. It's time to rewrite sat still crave craving to eat again!

Eating raw fish must be accompanied by steaming a little yeast, the new smell and taste right post. The bittersweet taste of steaming with the bitter cold of winter has helped somewhat controlled spicy spicy and my initial fear.

It must be recognized here is delicious raw fish. You are teasing me, saying "eat salad and then blowing". It must, from here all aversion to fish dishes and live this life.

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